DIY weight loss extract



A self directed extraction technique that works for weight loss

It is well established that body weight affects overall health and well-being.

If everything you have tried in managing your excess body weight has failed, I urge you to give this unconventional technique a try. It is a natural, self-directed and effective weight loss program that works for both sexes and all age groups.

This manual teaches you a technique of gleaning from fruits: vitamins, minerals and pyhto-nutrients that nourishes your internal microbiome.

Following the simple process of extraction presented in this E-guide will help you achieve a healthy BMI in a matter of days.

The process is simple: Extract, Drink & Watch as your excess weight drops off in 10-20 days.

No fuss, No hassle, No fancy tools and the best part No ‘diet’ face afterwards.

What you get from the download:

  1. A step by step guide explaining the technique; with pictures
  2. What to do once you have achieved the desired weight size
  3. Explanation of Why it works.

Please know this is neither a ‘diet fad’ nor a magical pill, it is a simple, self-directed technique that works if you stay disciplined and committed to your personal goal of reclaiming your health.



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