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When you detoxify your body, you open the door to healing and rejuvenation; in other words, you’re turning back the hands of time on aging or degenerating.
Detoxifying our bodies answers our body’s prayer for us to give it an internal shower and tune up. We are conscious about cleaning the external body, but not the internal body. Detoxifying our body helps us to eliminate toxic waste accumulations, mucus, parasites and worms (that steal what little nutrition we get or have in our bodies), excess fat, fluid buildup (cellulite), old and hardened fecal matter buildup, and many more unsightly and odorous things that play a pivotal role in sabotaging our health.

The common results of most people after performing Djehuty’s Famous Full Body Detox include but are not limited to: more resilient skin and complexion, weight reduction/release (10-30 pounds), enhanced energy levels, enhanced and clearer sense of feeling and thinking, a more positive outlook on life, enhanced willpower, enhanced immunity throughout the year, more normalized and regulated body functions, regularity of bowel movements, eradication of cravings (especially sugar, junk food, etc.), improved and enhanced circulation and improved and enhanced libido.


(1) Blood and Lymphatic Formula (2) Cardiovascular Formula (3) Liver-Gallbladder-Spleen Formula (4) Lungs and Respiratory (5) Kidneys-Bladder-Adrenals Formula (6) Colon and Digestive Tract Formula and complimented by Activated Charcoal (also known as Carbon).


FORMULA #1 is the best and most effective herbal blood cleansing formula available. This formula detoxifies, nourishes, and rebuilds the blood and lymph fluids of the body. The life of the flesh is in the blood! The external skin is a manifestation of the condition of the blood, so logically speaking – all skin disorders and conditions are toxic blood conditions. Our Blood and Lymphatic formula consists of the following herbs: Burdock root, Dandelion root, Yellow Dock root, Red Clover tops, Chickweed leaf, Pau D’ Arco, Chaparral, Cat’s Claw bark, Amla fruit, Oregon Grape root, Yucca root, Manjistha fruit, Echinancea Angustifolia root, and Goldenseal root. 100 vegan capsules.

FORMULA #2 is the best and most effective herbal heart and circulation formula available. This formula is designed to rebuild a degenerative heart, as well as tone, strengthen, and nourish the heart and blood vessels (veins, capillaries, arteries); and enhance the body’s circulation throughout the body. Our Cardiovascular formula consists of: Hawthorn Berry, Ginger root, Cinnamon bark, Blessed Thistle leaf, European Mistletoe leaf, Garlic bulb, Gingko Biloba leaf, Cayenne fruit (40,000 H.U.), Horsetail leaf, Motherwort leaf, Butcher’s broom, Angelica, Kola Nut, Ginseng and Cereus. 100 vegan capsules

FORMULA #3 is the best and most effective herbal hepatic (pertaining to the liver) formula on the market. This potent formula detoxifies and rebuilds a degenerative, toxic, and sluggish liver; as well as strengthen, tone, and nourish the liver. Our Liver formula consists of: Milk Thistle seed, Dandelion root, Barberry bark of root, Fenugreek seed, Agrimony leaf, Chicory, Turmeric, Oregon Grape root, Burdock root, Gentian root, Boldo leaf, Quassia bark, Artichoke flower head, Bupleurem root, Chanca Piedra leaf, and Goldenseal root. 100 vegan capsules

FORMULA #4 is a highly effective anti-tussive and expectorant formula. This unique formula is a synergistic herbal blend that detoxifies, strengthens, tones, nourishes and rebuilds the lung chambers and respiratory tract. Our Lungs and Respiratory formula consists of: Eucalyptus leaf, Coltsfoot, Licorice root, Comfrey root, Fenugreek seed, Boneset herb, Horehound herb, Marshmallow root, Wild Cherry bark, Peppermint leaf, Thyme leaf, Lobelia leaf, Cayenne fruit, Mullein leaf, Yerba Santa leaf, White Pine Bark, Butterfly Weed, and Slippery Elm bark. 100 vegan capsules

FORMULA #5 is the best, most potent and effective herbal diuretic and nephritic (pertaining to the kidneys) formula on the market. This formula detoxifies, tones, strengthens, rebuilds and nourishes the kidneys, bladder, gallbladder, urinary tract and genital organs. Our Kidneys-Bladder-Adrenal (formerly Uro-Genito) formula consists of: Juniper berry, Cornsilk, Uva Ursi leaf, Celery seed, Basil leaf, Parley leaf, Nettle leaf, Horsetail, Cleavers leaf, Borage leaf, Tribulis, Devil’s Claw, White Oak bark, Goldenrod herb, Hydrangea root, Gravel root and Buchu. 100 vegan capsules

FORMULA #6 is a powerful laxative and cathartic formula. It is the best, most effective, safe and sane, and nonabrasive and nongripping herbal laxative and cathartic formula on the market. This formula gets a dead and deactivated, sluggish, and lethargic colon moving again. It also tones, strengthens, rebuilds and restores the colon; lubricates the walls of the colon; dissolves gas pockets; destroys and expels intestinal worms and parasites; and stimulates peristalsis. Our Colon and Digestive Tract formula consists of: Cascara Sagrada bark, Senna leaf, Fennel seed, Psyllium husk, Ginger root, Black Walnut hull, Chamomile flower, Rhubarb root, Cayenne fruit (40,000 H.U.), Irish Moss, and Glucomannan root. 100 vegan capsules

Activated Charcoal (CARBON) is one of the greatest substances on planet earth. It neutralizes thousands of time its own weight in heavy metal toxins, gases, acids, etc. This wonderful substance will greatly remove all the toxic residues from all the harmful substances we unwisely put into our bodies, especially pharmaceutical drugs. Carbon is very alkalizing to the body. It will greatly decalcify the pineal gland.

The Full Body Detox comes complete with the 6 formulas.

  • (1) a basic dietary regimen (which is all RAW FOODS based – no cooked foods can be eaten during the Full Body Detox)
  • (2) a time schedule or guideline when to take the capsules, and
  • (3) additional regimens, exercises, and healing modalities that can be performed while performing the Full Body Detox.
    NOTE: All Full Body Detox Questions and Answers can be found here.


After 20 days of successfully following the program regimen, you are guaranteed to feel and see the results. The Full Body Detox will start the healing process that your body is designed with. Remember, in our opinion, there are no degenerative health challenges or conditions on earth that cannot be 100% healed regardless of what Western medicine, government, and allopathic doctors (licensed physicians, a/k/a licensed butchers) may have told you. Live or living electrical ‘food?’or ‘herbaceuticals’ is the key to vibrant health and well being!

Djehuty’s Famous Full Body Detox itself does NOT diagnose, cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent any specific disease and health challenge because nothing outside of man can cure or heal! Nothing! No product whether it is herbal-based or pharmaceutical-based can heal you! There is no magic pill and there never will be. Healing is from within! Only God and the human mind-body can heal. Man can only assist! Herbs are for healing, Revelation 22:2, and medicine, Ezekial 47:12, but only God and the mind-body can HEAL! You can’t get health out of a bottle. You are health! Health is your Divine birthright!

The above statements have not been approved by the FSA and the product is not intended to treat, cure, prevent, or mitigate any disease.



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