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Mucus Buster is a powerful formula that consists of effective expectorant herbs that help dissolve hardened, stubborn mucus and phlegm that obstruct the mucous membranes and lead to pathology throughout the body.

The number one cause of mucus in the body is an acid-forming diet consisting of meat (dead slaughtered animal flesh), dairy products (liquidized cow snot and pus), and refined grains (which converts into glue when gluten is present) and starches. Mucus Buster is great for all mucus conditions!


Directions: Take three (3) capsules daily. Take consistently for optimum benefit.

100 capsules

FACT: If your kids suffer from chronic runny noses and sore throats, it might be time to dump the dairy.

Asthma is a common condition, affecting more than one million children in the UK.

7-10 per cent of school children who experience asthmatic attacks may suffer from allergies, which trigger their asthma

According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, cow’s milk is the number one-cause of food allergies in children. According to the former director of pediatrics at Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Frank Oski, there is evidence to indicate that up to half of U.S. children have some allergic reaction to milk. For these kids (and for adults who are allergic to dairy foods), milk is a mucus maker and can lead to persistent problems such as chronic coughs and sinus infections, asthma, and ear infections. -MilkSucks.Com

Trivia: Asthmatics (people suffering from asthma) often complain of thicker and viscous mucus. This is because when you have asthma, excess mucus is produced, blocking the airways. This causes breathing to become hard because your airways are clogged and mucus drainage is lowered.

The above statements have not been approved by the FSA and the product is not intended to treat, cure, prevent, or mitigate any disease.

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